Omnilux Photo Rejuvenation

Ageing is accompanied by a diminishing quantity of collagen in the dermis. The skin loses flexibility and ability to retain moisture-therefore becomes drier and thinner as the body’s regeneration processes slow.*
Photo ageing compounds these effects, since harmful UVA and UVB rays in sunlight produce enzymes that break down the skins supportive structure and so prevent formation of new collagen.

Cell activation test show that Omnilux revive™ and Omnilux plus™ have specific and unique cell stimulation patterns acting to photobiomodulate cell function and rejuvenate the skin. The composite effect leaves the skin fuller and tighter in appearance. Light-stimulated neo-vascularization in the treatment area means greater perfusion to the skin, increased oxygenation and removal of toxins and a more glowing residual appearance.


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