Yurinka is a hidden gem! She is highly professional, meticulous, knowledgeable and truly caring. Prices are extremely competitive. She takes time explain why their new Hydrafacial machine and treatment much more advanced than anyone else,.While she wa treating she explained each procedure. At my 37, i have done at least several hundreds facial treatments and so far no place match Advanced Derma. By the time I reached home, looked at my face at the mirror, i was pleasantly surprised how my skin tightened and glowing, I feel like going Advanced Derma tomorrow again :) Thank You.
— Anita M. - Manhattan, NY
My Microchannel went very well., Yurinka was very nice and made sure I was comfortable throughout. Place was clean and they had many high tech machines. I didn’t take any pain medication and I had virtually no pain. I know it varies for each person... Right after, I i noticed my face felt very tight and uplifted., I also had more bright skin., Almost glowing.. I see why she is so busy and always booked..
— Minnie K. - Manhattan, NY
I don’t have much experience to compare , but I do know that I have found my go to place for skin care! Yurinka was so sweet ,and was ready to answer the list of questions I had before she worked on my face. I’ve had one treatment with her and already see amazing improvements. All in all, price was right and service was awesome.
— Tina S. - Forest Hills, NY
I like this place, Advanced Derma become my home! I did my entire body Laser hair removal with great success, i have no hair nowhere in nine months, now I got treated with their quality serums and their advanced facial machine called Advanced Hydro facial machine seems more advanced than classic hydrafacial machines my treatment included Ultrasound and Radiofrequency Sonic cleaning, serums infused by pressured oxygen which made my face skin tighter, plumped and invisible pores and glowing. Two weeks passed by and still going strong. Highly i recommend this place
— Fransua F. - NYC, NY
I heard about this place that they have a HydraFacial machine called Advanced Hydro Machine unlike any other Hydrafacial machines which can also makes skin tighter, I had to try it out. RF felt like small pinch, pulling my skin, and Ultrasound doesn’t hurt, entire process took about 45 minutes including extracting and infusing serums, it’s also VERY affordable compared to other places, so that’s much appreciated.
Jenn’s equipment set up is very clean and organized. She makes you feel very at ease and makes sure to explain everything she’s doing and why. She’s very knowledgeable and tells you what you’re supposed to feel and when, which was incredibly accurate. I never felt uncomfortable and felt confident throughout the whole treatment!
Afterwards she showed me the water which was i was shocked to see how much dirty it was. Next morning I wake up to see my face was like i already did make up and see huge difference upper arms was tight and considerably smaller pores. I highly recommend advanced derma, i heard that this place is also very famous with laser hair removal, next i will have my few places done and i will force my husband to do his back.
— Emily R. - Garden City, NJ
I have been going to Jenifer and her staff for over 15 yrs. Their advice and treatments has led me to a life free of aggressive and unnecessary hair growth from my facial area to my entire body.. I recommend all especially those with darker pigmentation.
— Kze Pete
I’ve been coming to Jennifer mainly for my laser hair removal treatments for 2 years. She is very professional and knowledgeable of what she does. You’ll have her full attention and service during your appointment because you will be the only customer at time. She is the owner and invested in best lasers and new equipments to provide even better and less painful treatments. She is very clear up front on what you should expect in term of the procedures and results. She is very honest, explains any service she offers but only advises you the treatments you need. Thank you for taking care of my skin Jennifer!
— Meliha Y. - New York, NY
I was not sure at first but after 3 treatments I could not believe how smooth and silky my skin feels. Jennifer is very professional and honest. Everyone is friendly and welcoming at this place. I strongly recommend Advance Derma-Laser Tech Inc. to anyone that desires a smooth hairless skin.
— Marcy L
I have been going to Advanced Derma Laser Inc. for a little over a year now & every time I go the staff is friendly and efficient. The office & clinical area is always clean as well as tidy. I’m very pleased with the service and I am almost hair free of every body part except my hair on my head. The staff is very knowledgeable & will tell u how long to wait before the next session. I’m also a black woman so the technicians are very careful of not burning the skin which is very important to me. I highly would recommend going to this establishment if you desire to be hair free on any of your face & body parts.
— Renee Garnes
Jennifer and team are amazing!! I’ve been a customer for the past 5 years off and on. I received my laser for my Brazilian 5 years ago and I’m happy to say that my results are amazing!!! I recommend them to anyone who would like to rid hair
— Andrea Floyd
Advanced Derma Laser has changed my life! My skin is silky and luxurious ever since I’ve had laser treatments. The staff is friendly and always accommodating. They always make me feel welcome and comfortable. The location is always clean and well maintained. I highly recommended this place!!!
— Catherine Sarno
Hey absolutely fantastic service...thank for a smooth bikini skin..... second experience and just brilliant results....I wear my swimming costume with confidence. Thank you Jennifer and team.
— jo guichard
I came here because shaving my face everyday started becoming a burden. After 6 sessions I no longer need to spend money on razors or worry about ingrown hair. I come one every six months for a touch up. The best invest I made to my personal hygiene. The owner Jen is the best!
— Matthew Rosado
My experience with Advanced Dermalaser started many years ago. I had my arms and armpits done, and the results were amazing. I was probably 99% hair free (completely smooth with a random strand here and there). Jennifer had performed my treatments at the time, and she made feel completely comfortable. I then started treatments to my legs. Alas, life intervened and I was unable to complete those treatments but I did have maybe a 50% reduction in hair.
Fast forward 15 years later, my arms remained just as hair-free as the day I finished my treatments! I decided to resume the treatments to my legs, and although I now live on Long Island, I came back to Advanced Dermalaser and am so far duplicating the results I had before. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!
— TheCrojj
Getting laser hair removal on my face was the best thing I could have ever done! I was very hesitant at first, but once I spoke to Jamika I went for it! It’s been a year and the results are amazing! I started shaving once I turned 18, and at the age of 38, i no longer have to get up every single morning and dread the process!
Thank you Jamika and Jennifer for making my experience amazing!
— Kendral Garlick