How much does laser hair removal cost for full body?

The laser hair removal costs for full body will depend on the number of sittings you require. On your free initial consultation, our specialists at Advanced Derma Laser treatment center will provide a comprehensive break-up of the costs so that you can make your decision without any doubts.

Moreover we also offer a package of multiple treatments ranging from 4 to 6 sessions, for all procedures. By choosing our attractively priced packages you will be able to avail awesome discounts including a few treatments completely free of cost. Each one of the treatment you choose at our facility will get you the chance to enjoy a free touch-up as well, from our expert professionals.

How much does laser hair removal cost for back?

Laser hair removal for the back is chosen for the convenience it offers. The cost varies depending on the number of treatments required, the size of the skin treated and the type of hair. However we understand that the prices can have a large impact on your decision to undergo a treatment, which is why at Advanced Derma Laser treatment center we have ensured our costs are the most competitive when it comes to individual as well as package treatments. Our laser hair removal treatments can save your time and money on future efforts and leave you with a better looking body.

We love to see our customers walking out with happy smiles and we know our prices too form a huge part of it.

Does laser hair removal really work?

For many, the concept of laser hair removal may still be unfamiliar. If you have ever wanted to completely eliminate the hair from any part of your body, now is the time to try it out. With Advanced Derma Laser treatment center’s powerful FDA certified lasers and experienced specialists operating it, you can and will enjoy the breath-taking effect of hair removal with outstanding results.

If you are still wondering ‘does laser hair removal really work’, the following will help ease your worries.

With the new technology in laser hair removal used by Advanced Derma Laser, you will experience 80-99% permanent reduction, whatever skin type or age you may be.

The number of sessions and the period of treatment may vary depending on the type and amount of hair, its texture as well as age. However with Advanced Derma Laser you can expect a positive response every time a treatment is carried out.

Our professional and experienced touch has been chosen by over 6500 clients and works every time, when performed correctly.

On our free initial consultation, we will let you know the kind of results you can expect. Your trust is a formidable thing and is paramount to us.If the treatment might not be successful for any reason, we will inform you beforehand.

How to remove unwanted body hair?

Excess body hair can be an unwelcome intrusion especially when it occurs on the more visible parts of the body. Most of it can be controlled through waxing and shaving. However this has a very limited reach and the hair will grow back within a few weeks or a month at the most. In this scenario, it is laser hair removal which offers a safe and very effective way of eliminating the occurrence of excessive body hair.

Removing hair with better results?

At Advanced Derma Laser hair removal center, we have successfully performed over 300,000 laser hair removal treatments. The time required may vary from person to person however the one result that cuts across all procedures is a permanent reduction of hair in up to 80-99% in all cases, using our new innovative technology that is FDA certified. The darker and courser hair will be gone in 4-6 sessions while the lighter and finer hair will need more time.

At Advanced Derma Laser we will answer your question on how to remove unwanted body hair using our affordable package of treatments. Come in for a free initial consultation and we will tell you all about the excellent advantages of using the laser therapy for permanent hair reduction. Here at Advanced Derma Laser we stand behind the promise we make!

How effective is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can prove to quite effective on dark haired individuals. Those with light blonde, light red, white or grey hair may find this treatment does not affect their follicles in the same way as it does on their dark haired counterparts. The laser cannot detect the lighter follicle against the skin color which is the reason why lasers are ineffective for hair removal in such cases.

Apart from these hair colors, laser hair removal has 80-99% chance of permanently reducing the growth of hair for people with a combination of dark hair and light skin. Hair grows in cycles. The hair at the time of treatment needs to be at a certain growth stage for the laser to detect and penetrate the hair follicle. If you need to know how effective is laser hair removalyou have to understand that in order for the procedure to remove every visible hair, the treatment needs to be carried out till every strand of hair in the treated area has grown out. This is the reason why a successful treatment extends from 4 to 6 sessions,in order to catch the emerging hair from everygrowth cycle.

What is involved in the laser hair removal process?

The laser hair removal process works by sending a beam of laser light to a group of hair follicles with enough power to disable or destroy the root while not harming the surrounding skin. The laser beam finds the hair follicles by targeting melanin (the substance that gives skin and hair color). It is important to note that the laser process will not work well on people that have red, white, gray or blond hair.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Contrary to statements made by those unfamiliar with this technology, when laser hair removal is properly performed, it is effective for the vast majority of candidates. Non-responders are primarily limited to those with blond, white, gray or red hair. The new technology is capable of 80-99% permanent reduction for ALL skin types, male and female, and for ALL body areas (except around the eyes). The number of sessions needed to achieve these results can vary from person to person depending on many factors such as age, skin type, amount of hair, hair color, hair texture, etc. In any event, if we agree to treat you, we stand behind our Guarantee.

I have ingrowns on my face, legs, bikini area, back or other parts of my body. Would laser help?

Yes absolutely. Even after one treatment you will notice that most of your ingrowns will be gone. Within a few weeks to a few months, depening on the severity of the scarring and pigmentation caused by ingrowns, the skin appearance will be improved overall. The bumps will be getting smaller, the area will be smoother and the color of your skin will be even.

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

Prices are usually based on area per session or packages of 4 to 6 sessions. Since most people do need at least 4 sessions, buying a package offer will be more cost effective and discounts will be applied up to 30%. However, even our single treatment prices are very competitive. Multiple area and multiple treatment discounts are also available and can be discussed during your free consultation.

I am a dark skinned African American. Can I get laser hair treatment?

Yes, absolutely. Most dark skin types, especially African Americans, believe they cant get laser treatment. This was true five (5) years ago — not today. Advanced Derma-Laser has treated literally thousands of African Americans clients over the years and with incredible and permanent results.

The results of the test proved I have a hormone problem which causes hirsuteness. I may need to be treated for this using cortisol but I am still waiting for my appointment with the endocrinologist. Will laser work for me?

If you have an underlying hormonal issue causing the hair growth, you won’t see good results from laser hair removal until you get it under control. Your body will be busy developing new hair and regardless of how much of the “current” hair is destroyed, it will be replaced by new hair. You will need to stop treatment and obtain medication to stabilize your hormonal levels. When the imbalance is under control, you can start your laser treatments and achieve excellent and stable results on the body. The facial area will require “touchup” treatments every three (3) to six (6) months throughout life to remain hair free.

I have a peach fuzz on my face or other parts of my body. Can I get treatment?

Many laser offices will agree to treat you. NOT US. We will not touch areas where the hair is very fine and sparse. Some laser hair removal clients have reported an activation of hair growth on areas where peach fuzz hair was treated. You don’t want this and neither do we. It will be more challenging to get rid of laser activated hair! If you have coarse, dense hairs, laser is the best technology for eliminating it. However, if you have fine and sparse hair (peach fuzz), especially on the face and upper arms, these hairs are very sensitive to all hair removal methods, including laser treatments, and instead of being destroyed, hairs appear to be invigorated! We do not know the cause of this; there are no scientific studies documenting it; but we have seen it. If you are not sure you can be treated, come in for a complimentary evaluation. We will always give you our honest opinion and the benefit of our extensive experience.

How many sessions do I need for permanent hair removal?

It depends on several factors: Thick hairs respond better than thin hair, darker hair respond faster than the lighter ones. Six sessions of laser treatment for dark thick hair may induce about 80 to 90% of hair reduction. Legs are an example of dark thick hairs. On bikini area dark thick hair may respond to 6 sessions of laser hair removal with up to 90% hair growth reduction. Lighter and finer hair on bikini area may have only about 60% reduction in growth after 6 sessions of laser treatment.

Underarms, chest and upper arms typically produce about 75-85% of hair growth reduction with 6 sessions. The male back and female face are more challenging and can take a few additional treatments. Of course results can vary from person to person and you could get better results than others.

How do I know when to come for my next treatment?

The average waiting period between treatments is 4 to 8 weeks. Appointments should be scheduled within two (2) weeks of seeing hair growth. Observe the new hair growth and if you are uncertain, stop by our office and your technician will advise you.

How do I know if laser hair removal treatments are working for me?

You will see results after the VERY FIRST treatment. You will have fewer hairs and they will be finer and weaker. Your skin will be smoother and your hair pores less visible. The results will become more impressive with each successive treatment.

How long do I wait between each session?

Facial Hair: Typically, facial treatments are scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart. This is usually when you startto see new hair growth.

Lower Legs: Legs are the best area for laser hair removal. Within 3 treatments you will achieve smoothand ingrown-free legs with at least 50% hair reduction. The first 3 treatments are generally scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart but after these initial treatments, you may not notice newgrowth for 8 to 12 weeks.

Male Back and Chest: Initial treatments are generally scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart, but from our experience, afterfour (4) treatments, you can wait approximately three months between treatments.

Underarms, Bikini, Upper Legs: Treatments should be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Will I have hair between the sessions? How will I look?

The treated area will be cleared of the majority of visible hair during the treatment. Remaining treated hair will shed in approximately two weeks. Depending on the area, the skin will remain clear and smooth for 4 to 6 weeks before seeing fine hairs starting to grow again. Repeating the sessions on schedule, the area will remain hair free throughout the entire multiple session procedure. You will look completely clear and smooth.

What are the risks or possible side effects?

Immediately following a laser treatment, clients should experience reddened and puffy skin. This is termed follicular edema and resembles goose bumps. It feels somewhat like a mild sunburn. This effect disappears in a few minutes to a few hours. In the hands of an experienced laser technician using the right equipment, clients will not experience any damage to their skin. Many clients schedule treatments during their lunch break and return to their offices with no visible indications.

Is Laser Hair Removal for everyone?

Laser hair removal will not work on white, gray, light red or light blond hair.

I have a hormonal problem. Would laser work for me?

Females who are experiencing PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) may experience poor results unless they receive medical support along with the laser treatment. These female clients can achieve excellent results over the entire body, but to remain hair free on the face, “touchup”treatments are required every three (3) to six (6) months throughout life.

I have light skin and dark hair. How fast can I get the rid of my hair?

As a rule, multiple treatment sessions are necessary to obtain optimal results. This is due, in large part, to the fact that LHR is most effective on hair which is in the anagen hair growth phase. Hair grows in cycles and not all of the hairs are in anagen at any given time. The combination of light skin and dark hair is ideal for LHR.

Can I choose to achieve finer and less dense hair in some areas rather than a full removal?

Yes, absolutely. We can customize your treatments according to your needs and expectations. You can thin and reduce the amount of your hair in any area while still leaving a certain amount.

Why is laser hair removal called permanent hair reduction instead of permanent hair removal?

Lasers cannot target red, white, gray or blond hair and most people have multiple colors of hairs. Laser technology provides for 90% (give or take) permanent reduction in hair growth. We cannot say permanent removal without acknowledging the possibility of the remaining 10%.

The FDA defines permanent hair reduction as:

The long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime, which may include several sessions. The number of hairs re-growing must be stable over time greater than the duration of the complete growth cycle of hair follicles, which varies from four to twelve months according to body location. Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area.

I am a darker skin typed person who has severe ingrowns. My skin is pigmented and the color is uneven. The surface of my skin is bumpy and irritated. Is laser hair removal good for this?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, if you are prone to ingrowns, the only solution is laser hair removal for a perfectly smooth and ingrown free skin for LIFE. We have extensive experience treating even the most challenging and difficult cases of severe neck and facial ingrowns with 100% success. Laser treatments will start your pigmented skin healing after the first treatment and your skin color will be evenly toned within a few months.

I had some hormone tests done which showed my testosterone is relatively high. As a result, I was sent for a ‘synacthen stimulation’ test.

I’m concerned about what to do between treatments. I usually tweeze or bleach and I understand this isn’t allowed. On the other hand, the end result of being “facially” hair free is very promising. Has anyone done their face? What results did they have? I have a type IV skin and fairly dark hair, finer on the cheeks and upper lip, a few coarse ones here and there and under chin.

Do not tweeze, bleach or wax for at least three weeks before treatment. Shaving is completely safe. You will not grow more hair if you shave. In any event, if you are worried about shaving, you are getting laser treatment! You can shave two days before treatment. Do not shave the same day of your treatment because your technician should be able to see the hairy areas for treatment. After the treatment, if hair grows you can safely shave. On some parts of the body, hair will shed within two weeks and skin will be be hair free 4 to 6 weeks.

Before you visit, make sure you read the following:

  • No tweezing , waxing or depilatory creams for at least three weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is okay; however, please do not shave for at least two days before you come to our office for treatment: we need to see where the hair is located.

  • Laser treatments are not effective for white, grey, red or light blonde hairs. These types of hairs are not treat able with laser.

  • We do not treat pregnant women.

  • The day of your appointment, please do not apply any type of cream or lotion to the area which is going to be treated.

  • We offer per treatment fees as well as package options at a 15% DISCOUNT on laser hair removal packages. Please contact us for more information.